December 7th, 2016 by

Nicky Lowe – Rock Bead Studio

Nicky Lowe presents her range of semi-precious jewellery – now available at Embellish® Atelier. “We are sensitive and intuitive creatures as human beings and are each drawn to beauty that resonates with us. For me, it is with rocks from the earth and how they have been used as jewellery adornment for centuries. Mesmerisingly beautiful, a natural Turquoise bracelet from Mexico was the childhood gift that shaped my life. Since the day I carefully altered that piece of jewellery to fit my tiny wrist, I have had a love and appreciation of gemstones and found great joy and pleasure in creating my own style of jewellery from them.
Following on from my chosen adult career in caring for others, I can now say that I am at peace in my studio, handcrafting necklaces, bracelets and earrings from quality materials… from the earth….and a few man made crystals to brighten your day!”

With love and peace,

Nicky Lowe
Rock Bead Studio