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Designer in Residence

Its late night christmas Shopping in Balmain and Rozelle- Pop in to visit us at Embellish Atelier on Thursday 1st December from 5pm – 9 pm. We will have bubbles for you to browse our gorgeous selection of hats and headpieces for all occasions and  Our fabulous line up of  Designers-in-Residence.


Rachel Carrol Artist- The Bird Series 2016 – My Love of painting birds has continued for many years. Why birds?

After hearing a wonderful speech by Senator Pat Dodson at the Sydney Peace talks recently I suddenly realised the answer. It is my way of reconnecting with nature. This is one of the most important questions we need to ask.

I hope my artwork takes you back to nature, to rediscover the birds in your backyard. To share the stories of your bird encounters and to note where there are birds there is often a healthy ecosystem. Maybe we can then reflect…how do we make sure they stay.

Rachel wants you to email her with your personal bird story.


 Caroline Gibbs Psaltis- Ceramics 

In the 1980’s I was a professional ceramic artist participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions around Australia. What with working and having a family I produced limited amounts of clay work over a period of time.

In 2014 I ‘re-emerged’, rediscovering my passion for clay and the creative process.

Currently I am producing a range of hand built pieces that are either coiled, pinched and slab (or a combination of techniques).

The works are mostly decorative domestic pieces, or vessels that are not necessarily functional. The forms are simple but with vivid decoration that expresses my love of colour and patterns from nature and man made.

There are two strands of work, but the themes are similar, just different techniques and results, colour and pattern the dominant theme.

Both using low fire paper clay – the painted underglazed pots and the coloured/laminated pieces – both undergo a second firing to glaze them.

Influences include patterns from tropical sea life, fabric, giraffes, ‘fordite’, and the Sydney ‘Vivid’ Festivals have been a huge inspiration of patterns, colour and form.

I have endless ideas waiting to be developed, and I’m loving the rediscovery of my passion for creating ceramic pieces that can be used and enjoyed by others.

 Ruth Tate Sydney 

Industrial Bling

Kavara Scarves