Designer in Residence Programme at Embellish Atelier

We invite all talented designers, artists and craftspeople to apply for our Designer in Residence Programme providing a wonderful opportunity to showcase, teach, and/or demonstrate a particular skill, and receive mentorship from our experienced team.

Our experience to-date with Designers in Residence has been very positive:

Testimonial from Rose-Marie Hillier

“…If you’re running a hands-on workshop you don’t need to be worried about the facilities, the lighting or the ambiance. At Embellish atelier, everything is there. The atmosphere is delightful, there’s plenty of space and Catherine Kelly is a fabulous ‘host’; engaging, super-friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and totally professional. Catherine has charm like her beautiful atelier…”

Testimonial from Maggie Videan – Inspired Wire

“When deciding to sponsor a small artisan community in Johannesburg, South Africa, I hadn’t imagined just how to best showcase some of this extraordinary wire and beadwork. Cathy incorporated the Christmas selection of trees and reindeers into her Yuletide workshops and gave them a glorious backdrop to be truly appreciated and they literally walked out the door. It’s a wonderful space to showcase lovely things of all sorts. Cathy has the creative flair to blend it all beautifully!”

Designer in Residence opportunities:

If your designer or artisan work complements the Embellish Atelier concept, style, aesthetics and philosophy, we have several options as a Designer in Residence in our elegant and charming workshop/retail space at 128 Victoria Road, Rozelle.

2, 4 or 6 Week Option


  • Window display space
  • Window signage
  • Display area in shop
  • Opening night – We have the capacity to hold a launch event for your exhibition. The invite will go out to the whole Embellish Atelier client list, Newsletter, website blog and on our social media network.
  • Allocation of creative space to work onsite
  • Shared kitchen and bathroom facilities

Cost: $200 per week, plus % of sales

1-Day Event Option

  • Use of studio space to display items to sell/run workshop
  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Promotion of the event through social media and Embellish Atelier newsletter and website.

Cost: $100 per day %age of sales on the day.

Sale of goods on Consignment

  • Allocation of space in shopfront to display and sell works
  • 30% of sales.

How To Apply

  1. Contact Catherine with your proposal, resume, photographs of your designs or an explanation of the workshop you wish to run
  2. Make an appointment to visit our Atelier
  3. Get creating!


Catherine Kelly
Embellish Atelier


128 Victoria Rd
Rozelle NSW 2041