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The Hat Project – Penrith Regional Gallery

These hats  were made as part of an Aboriginal community project called the Hat Project developed in partnership with Penrith Regional Gallery, Home of the Lewers Bequest, Penrith City Council and supported by Penrith Panthers.

Aboriginal artists, Elders and participants came together in a series of workshops to learn new skills and talk about the past and how it has shaped their identities. Guided by milliner Catherine Kelly, the women created individually designed hats as unique sculptural forms of self-expression that reflect their personalities and unique stories. Through the choice of colour, style and trim each woman transformed their own personal and family story into a uniquely designed hat that is both an expression of their individual voice and a reflection on history.

The Hat Project began with exploring a particular time in Australia’s history when Sunday was sacred, and when people dressed in their best clothes for church, for family gatherings, picnic and race days. The Christian church and its historical association with mission communities has left a mixed legacy for many Aboriginal people. Remembered is both the joy of community, family and shared faith, but also the loss of traditional practices and paternalistic control. Aboriginal domestic servant often became very skilled at dressmaking and hat making.

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Mum of Many Hats

Mum of Many Hats


In recent and exciting news, Embellish Atelier are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Maggie Videan of Kavara to design an exclusive range of linen tea towels, titled the ‘Mum of Many Hats’ series.


This strictly limited collection is available now-  just in time for Mother’s Day, and will features a variety of designs and prints to please any mum or hat lover.


Having previously partnered together when Maggie worked as the Designer in Residence, we were inspired to combine our passion for all things delicate and beautiful, and to do so in a way that celebrated the many special mothers around the nation.


Joining the elegant touch of Kavara with the bespoke approach of Embellish Atelier, this collaboration is unlike any other that has been made within the industry and is one that has been developed with two key elements in mind – a high quality product and sophisticated design.


With just a month to go until Mother’s Day on the 13th of May, a pure linen tea towel from the ‘Mum of Many Hats’ range is the perfect choice of gift for those special women in your life.


For more information about the ‘Mum of Many Hats’ range or to make a purchase, please contact Embellish Atelier directly on 1300HATTER  or or Hatters Millinery Supplies

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Mad Hatter March

It will no doubt be an extremely busy month for the team here at Embellish Atelier with lots of exciting events on our upcoming calendar.


Having been offered the opportunity to be the featured artist in residence at the annual Rosehill Stitches & Craft Show, Embellish store owner and renowned milliner Ms Catherine Kelly will be taking to the stage as artist in residence to display and showcase her distinctive hat collection, as well as demonstrating and teaching a class to those who attend.


The event will be held from 8-11 March at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. Inviting all art-lovers to share the handmade experience, the Stitches & Craft show is the one-stop destination for all things stitching, paper, craft and weaving. The event is the ideal place to source unique products and to learn new techniques from artist and designers alike.


Later in the month, Embellish is set to showcase the stunning designs produced as part of the recent Melbourne International Millinery Competition (MIMC) held in February and sponsored by sister store Hatters Millinery Supplies.


This display comes just in time to celebrate Sydney’s Art Month over two exciting weekends, alongside the annual Inner West Open Studio Trail (IWOST) featuring over one hundred studios, galleries and artist-run initiatives.


If you are a fellow style enthusiast with a passion for all things beautiful, be sure to visit Catherine at the Stitches & Craft show and stop in to Embellish to see the astounding pieces created by up and coming local artists.


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Autumn Racing Carnival Time.

How will you stand out from the crowd this Autumn Racing Carnival? Join one of Embellish Atelier’s Studio Workshops and create a look that is truly unique Ms Catherine Kelly of Embellish Atelier is delighted to announce a series of all-new millinery workshops just in time for the upcoming Autumn Racing Carnival – one of Australia’s favourite fashion events. Set in the spacious studio at Embellish Atelier, the extensive range of workshops offer attendees the opportunity to create their very own piece of custom couture millinery, while learning a whole host of new skills. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced milliners, each workshop offers a unique focus where everyone is sure to learn something new. Students are invited to choose from a wide selection of classes to create a bespoke piece that will no doubt become the talking point of their ensemble.

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Bridal Millinery

Bridal Millinery Is Set to Return to the Spotlight


Wedding fashion is forever evolving, and with the recent craze of flower crowns seemingly on the way out, bridal millinery is set to make a major return to the spotlight.


For centuries, bridal headwear has been the highlight of wedding fashion, second only of course to the dress. From veils to hats to sculptural headdresses, brides worldwide place a high importance on their head-coverings, and with such a vast variety of styles and designs to choose from, the right piece makes for the perfect accessory and has the power to transform the traditional white gown into a truly unique look.


Bridal millinery can encompass a range of luxurious fabrics and materials like silks, laces and veiling, and are often accompanied by beautiful embellishments and delicate finishings. For many brides, these stunning creations become treasured keepsakes that are kept for many years and handed down to future generations.


At Embellish Atelier, we pride ourselves on our ability to create gorgeous original hats to suit your occasion, attire and personality. We are renowned for making beautiful, exquisite and practical hats and headpieces for glamorous events and elegant weddings.


If you would like to view our current collection and some of our past bridal creations, visit the Embellish Atelier website. To find out more about commissioning your own bespoke made-to-order masterpiece to celebrate your special day contact Embellish’s award winning milliner Catherine Kelly directly on 0416 182 486 or

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Embellish Hat in the Great Hat Exhibition

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Traditional Millinery Days – What is St Catherine’s Day all about?

Throughout the calendar year, there are a series of annual events that have been touted as traditional historic millinery days. St Catherine’s Day is one such event that has retained its popularity over the course of many generations.

Dating as far back as the 10th century, St Catherine’s Day, held on November 27th annually, was instituted by the Catholic Church as the official memorial date of the death of St Catherine by Roman Emperor Maximinus II in 305 AD.

Catherine of Alexandria, an intelligent woman of noble birth, was one of 14 individuals tasked by the church to convert Maximinus II to Christianity, and correct him of his worship of false gods and his persecution of Christians.

Unsuccessful, the emperor instead proposed to marry Catherine. When she refused, claiming that she was already married to Jesus, Maximinus II ordered Catherine to be put to her death.

A first century martyr and regarded as patron saint of milliners, St Catherine continues to be recognised throughout the world of millinery today. Since the 10th century, a variety of customs have arisen, but none more prominent than the St Catherine’s millinery tradition.

As part of this custom, young unmarried women aged 25 or more who were known as ‘Catherinettes’ would celebrate St. Catherine’s Day by attending a traditional St. Catherine’s Day ball to find a suitable spouse.

The Cathrinettes would wear extraordinary hats in a variety of shapes, designs and colours, and it’s a tradition that is believed to have been monumental in the evolution of millinery as we know it today.

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MAA Millinery Award

 This is the headpiece I created for the award for which the brief was “evening”.
Handmoulded and stitched using silk velvet, manipulated silk , and lots of beading.
The People’s Choice for the MAA Design Award is now open.
Voting closes on July 7th. The winners will be announced on the evening on July 9th at the Welcome Cocktail Party – Hats Off to Adelaide.
There will be a Facebook Live broadcast of this announcement on the The Millinery Association of Australia‘s public Facebook page.

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Hatters Millinery Supplies

I am very honoured to be the new owner of Hatters Millinery Supplies– the number one  Sydney supplier of Millinery Materials. The business has been a family owned business in various guises in the industry here in Sydney for over 90 years and am very proud and honoured to have this unique opportunity. Many thanks to Jenny and Emily for helping me with the transition.

So its been a super busy couple of weeks – and suddenly it’s a reality – the shelving was installed and they are now brimming with all manner of beautiful materials, hoods, capelines, straw braids, etc. Our workshops are busy too, and of course we are still creating gorgeous, original hats for all occasions.

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Traffic Light Sale

Hey —  stop at the traffic lights on the intersection of Victoria Rd and Darling St – Yes, thats where we are- in the Historic York Building built in 1910…. IMG_1163

Step in to Embellish Atelier for our Traffic Light Sale –

RED 70% off

ORANGE  50% off

GREEN 30% off