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Mum of Many Hats

Mum of Many Hats


In recent and exciting news, Embellish Atelier are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Maggie Videan of Kavara to design an exclusive range of linen tea towels, titled the ‘Mum of Many Hats’ series.


This strictly limited collection is available now-  just in time for Mother’s Day, and will features a variety of designs and prints to please any mum or hat lover.


Having previously partnered together when Maggie worked as the Designer in Residence, we were inspired to combine our passion for all things delicate and beautiful, and to do so in a way that celebrated the many special mothers around the nation.


Joining the elegant touch of Kavara with the bespoke approach of Embellish Atelier, this collaboration is unlike any other that has been made within the industry and is one that has been developed with two key elements in mind – a high quality product and sophisticated design.


With just a month to go until Mother’s Day on the 13th of May, a pure linen tea towel from the ‘Mum of Many Hats’ range is the perfect choice of gift for those special women in your life.


For more information about the ‘Mum of Many Hats’ range or to make a purchase, please contact Embellish Atelier directly on 1300HATTER  or info@embellish-hats.com or Hatters Millinery Supplies