January 15th, 2018 by

Bridal Millinery

Bridal Millinery Is Set to Return to the Spotlight


Wedding fashion is forever evolving, and with the recent craze of flower crowns seemingly on the way out, bridal millinery is set to make a major return to the spotlight.


For centuries, bridal headwear has been the highlight of wedding fashion, second only of course to the dress. From veils to hats to sculptural headdresses, brides worldwide place a high importance on their head-coverings, and with such a vast variety of styles and designs to choose from, the right piece makes for the perfect accessory and has the power to transform the traditional white gown into a truly unique look.


Bridal millinery can encompass a range of luxurious fabrics and materials like silks, laces and veiling, and are often accompanied by beautiful embellishments and delicate finishings. For many brides, these stunning creations become treasured keepsakes that are kept for many years and handed down to future generations.


At Embellish Atelier, we pride ourselves on our ability to create gorgeous original hats to suit your occasion, attire and personality. We are renowned for making beautiful, exquisite and practical hats and headpieces for glamorous events and elegant weddings.


If you would like to view our current collection and some of our past bridal creations, visit the Embellish Atelier website. To find out more about commissioning your own bespoke made-to-order masterpiece to celebrate your special day contact Embellish’s award winning milliner Catherine Kelly directly on 0416 182 486 or info@embellish-hats.com.